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This popular selling book has been available on Amazon since 2007 and has recieved many favorable reviews. The book represents the personal memoir of Kyoshi Vellucci and details what is is like to train in a traditional karate dojo in Okinawa. Straightforward and full of amusing recollections and anecdotes, several thousand copies of this book have sold to dedicated martial artists around the world.

Here is the blurb from the publisher:

This is the inspiring story of an ex-Marine who sought out the one form of martial arts that would polish his mind and strengthen his spirit- Shorin Ryu Karate. Finding the right dojo would lead him to Okinawa and a Sensei (teacher), a seventh degree black belt, who would show him what lay beyond the pain, beyond the exhaustion. He was taught Nintai: the art of patience, perseverance, and endurance.

“The reason there are mirrors in the dojo is to allow the student to always face his greatest opponent: himself. It is the aim of the true karate practitioner to overcome the ego, and focus on the higher goal of unifying the mind, body, and spirit. In Okinawa, it is the Sensei’s responsibility to help the student become humble enough to attain this objective.”

When Nintai is accomplished, one can pursue a higher spiritual path.

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Street Shorin Ryu Book


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This fully illustrated training manual covers 30 hard hitting reality self defense techniques - all drawn from the Shorin Ryu kata.  This no-sense guide provides simple, direct, and extremely effective movements that work designed for actual street fighting!

It is broken down into THREE sections:
1) Offensive Movements - (10) techniques geared to stop fights fast.
2) Lock and Chokes - (10) grappling for the street, not the ring.
3) Throws and Takedowns - (10) knock the opponent to the ground and out of the fight.

Manual is 8.5 x 11 inches, designed to lay flat when opened so you can use it as you practice the techniques. 76 pages with 190 photographs that detail each movement clearly; with step by step instructions making them extremely simple to learn.

This manual is a MUST HAVE for the serious Martial Artist or anyone interested in REAL self defense.

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Matsumura Naihanchi Kata Illustrated Manual

The definitive guide to ALL THREE Naihanchi kata is now available for immediate download. This manual consists of 200 color photographs that teach the forms STEP by STEP with detailed explanations of each movement.

  • Explanations of all hand and foot positions
  • Insights on the proper body mechanics for stepping, blocking, punching, kicking and striking
  • Practical applications of the movements for real self defense situations

Whether you are just learning the forms or are an experienced practitioner, this manual will give you vital information to take your training on Naiahanchi Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan to the next level!

Only $14.95 with immediate digital download.


This comprehensive guide is essential for any Martial Arts School  or small business offering service or instruction to customers.  It details advertising methods that will grow your business with little or no cost in order to increase cash flow and maximize profits.

The book also presents in-depth information on how to use your current customer base to generate leads, how to network with educational, business, public and private organizations; and describes how to get free advertising in the media and on the internet. 

This complete business resource also provides dynamic sales techniques that are direct and effective for recruiting new clients, as well as information on how to conduct seminars in your specialty area for fun and profit.

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An extremely valuable resource for any instructor teaching martial arts or physical education to children ages 4 – 14. This Book covers a total of 59 very creative and entertaining games and activities. They all utilize readily available martial arts equipment. The Book also provides ideas on how to make simple equipment to help make learning fun.
Activities are divided into seven categories including: Kick/Punch, Balance Beam, Blocker Games, Mat Activities, Relay Races, Sparring Games, and Miscellaneous. Each area focuses on developing crucial martial arts skills for young students. All of the activities listed promote motor coordination, mental awareness, speed, strength, and balance.
This training Book will complement any martial arts system and can be adapted to any teaching style. It is also a great resource for Physical Education teachers to supplement their curriculum.

Author Mark Vellucci is a 7th Degree Black Belt and holds a Masters Degree in Education. He spent 15 years developing and teaching these activities to children of all ages. This training system will provide many hours of enjoyment and training for young martial artists and those young at heart.

Available for Instant eBook access.

Only $9.95