White Crane Certification Course


Okinawan White Crane is a self-defense system that originated in China.  It was passed down to Okinawans over the centuries via various Chinese instructors who visited and/or lived in Okinawa.

The style includes hand techniques that include nerve attacks, throwing, and  joint manipulation. The basic principles of the style are quick footwork, rapid arm movements, precise attacks and a combination of soft and hard techniques, all used to defeat superior strength or size.

The system taught at the Kobukan dojo has it roots in China, but was passed down through the lineage of Bushi Matsumura, the famous Okinawan martial arts master and Royal bodyguard.

Other crane forms were also passed down by Gokenki, a Chinese tea merchant who taught the Crane system on Okinawa in the early 20th century.

The White Crane system taught at the Kobukan has the following lineage:


Okinawan White Crane (Hakutsuru) Home Study Certification Course 

This 3 DVD set includes 8 kata of the Okinawan White Crane system, a student instruction manual, and full membership into the Kobukan Karate Federation which includes patch and ID card. Each kata is broken down with step by step instructions to make learning easy.

This is a KATA based certification course only. Upon completion of the course, students are eligible to receive a BLACK BELT certification is this rare form of Okinawan Martial Arts. (Black belt testing fee is NOT included in the price of the course).

The Course includes the following:

Volume I - Mountain Crane Energy Kata

These kata are the foundation of the art. They are easy to learn, yet take years to master. This video also covers the basics of internal energy development.  THe following kata are included on this DVD: 

Oso Hakutsuru Sho
Oso Hakutsuru Dai
Oso Hakutsuru San Hee
Ryuken Sanchin

Volume II - Gokenki Kata

Ryuto Chiken - "Family's Internal Energy Fist". The fifth in the Energy Kata Series.
Rokishu - "Six Winds Fist". Foundational kata of Chinese boxing.

Volume III - Advanced Gokenki Kata

Nipaipo - "Monk's Kata". Legendary fighting kata from Chinese Monk Nipai.
Okaku - "Master's Crane Form."



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White Crane Certification Course