Kobukan Karate Federation

"Kobukan" literally translates to "Hall of the Ancient Warrior". Our federation is dedicated to preserving the traditional Asian fighting arts; as well as teaching practical street survival and self defense for the modern world. Instructors and students are dedicated to helping each other follow the Martial Path.  View our organizational chart and list of Black Belts below.

The Kobukan has members in all 50 states and the following countries: Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, France, Germany, Norway, Romania, India, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Okinawa, Malaysia, Switzerland, Sweden, Pakistan, Belgium, South Africa, Puerto Rico

Individual memberships in the Kobukan Karate Federation are also available. We offer quality home study instruction that leads to full black belt certification. We currently have 300 home study students worldwide.

Members may purchase the course and Instructional Videos (visit our store). You may subsequently video-test for belt rank promotions. Contact us for more information.

Kobukan Board of Directors

The Kobukan Federation is a small and closely knit group of martial artists dedicated to the preservation of the ancient combat arts.  All Black Belts have input into the organization, curriculum, and training requirements for students.  The Kobukan Board of Directors is as follows:           

President and Chairman:       Lawrence M. Vellucci , 7th Dan

Vice President:                        Cassondra Vellucci, 5th Dan

Homeland Security Rep.       Greg Poitras,  5th Dan

Oregon Director:                     Glenn Martinez, 5th Dan

Texas Director:                        Brain Reagan, 4th Dan

MS/Louisiana Director           Richard Mitchell, 4th Dan


7th Degree Black Belt (Kyoshi)
Lawrence Mark Vellucci

5th Degree Black Belts (Renshi)
Cassondra Vellucci
Glenn Martinez
Gregory Poitras (and 4th Degree in White Crane)

4th Degree Black Belts (Yondan)
Ronald Manes
Richard Mitchell
Brian Reagan
Jeff Bernhardt

3rd Degree Black Belts (Sandan)
Jason Williams
Ray Pollard (White Crane)
David Skelton
Matt Thornburg
Jay London
Corey Rubiaco
Jessica Vellucci
Michael Cain

2nd Degree Black Belts (Nidan)
Ferdie Oosthuizen
Scott Bendell (White Crane)
Michael Parker
Karras Moore
Dale Mitchell
Stephen Godjas (White Crane)
Christian Bindah (White Crane and Shorin Ryu)
Mark Walker
Ray Boucher
Cameron Morgan
Shane Villanueva
Jacqueline Joslyn
Doug Cameron
Forrest McCauley
Krystal Wideman
Bill Searle (White Crane)
Brian Mack     
Justine Tumas

1st Degree (Shodan)
Matt Hogan
David Zoppi
Nicolas Taylor
Scott Bendell
Michael Pravia
Troy Bell
Leelynn Fischahs
Matthew Thornburg (White Crane)
Mark Larsen
Jerry Chilton (White Crane)
John Ahren
Lehman Jernigan
Mark Larsen
Ray Pisano
Ron Reiter
Jaci Minikis
Nicholas Alvarez
Angie Madsen
Jeff Evans
Neil Sirman
Nancy Sirman
Ron George
Alec George
Alissa Vellucci
Levon Alldredge
Nolan Price
Ciara Ferguson
John Young
Zach Young
Antonio Coglio
Shelby Smith
TJ Smith
Hailey Whitman
Raymond Rodriquez
Kurt Wagner
Jan Drum (White Crane)
Hunter Clark
Aiden Goodwin