The following Matsumura Shorin Ryu Videos are now available
on DVD or Instant Digital Download

Seisan Kata - NEW!

Seisan (meaning 13) is the third kata in the Southern Light forms from Choto Kyan. Adopted into the Matsumura system by Hohan Soken as a tribute to the great Okinawan Master; who had persihed in WWII.. This rare form is presented in front, rear, and narration views. Practical fighting applications are also demonstrated, to incorporate into your self defense arsenal.

Digital Download Only $10

Chinto Kata -NEW!

Instruction in the higher level form Chinto. It's namesake was a Chinese sailor shipwrecked in Okinawa. His fighting skills were said to be without equal! Learn this kata from several different angles, and see it taught live in a Seminar format at the 2018 Kobukan Training Camp.  The seminar also covered in depth Bunkai fighting applications for this kata. See sample video below.

(For students on the Home Study Shorin Ryu Course, these kata are required for Third Degree Black Belt.)

DVD ONLY $17.95

Complete Matsumura Shorin Ryu Kata DVD

This DVD reviews all of the katain the Okinawan Matsumura Orthodox Shorin Ryu Karate System.  While this video is not intended to teach you the forms, it is a great reference guide for all the traditional kata of the system, performed in their original style. 

All kata are performed twice: first VERY SLOWLY from the front angle, so that all of the details of each movement can be observed. Each is then demonstrated at regular training speed to get a sense of the flow and rhythm. The following kata are demonstrated on this video:

  • Naihanchi Shodan - Naihanchi Nidan - Naihanchi Sandan

  • Pinan Shodan - Pinan Nidan - Pinan Yondan

  • Wansu - Ananku - Seisan

  • Pasia Sho - Pasai Dai

  • Chinto - Kusanku - Gojushiho - Rohai

DVD $17.95 OR Digital Download only $15

Pasai Sho and Pasai Dai Kata

This video provides instruction into the two "Penetrating the Fortress Kata of classical Okinawan Matsumura Shorin Ryu. Both of these forms are very powerful and develop speed and agility. The two kata are broken down step by step and several Bunkai - practical self defense applications - are demonstrated in details for the movements in each form. See sample video below.

(For students on the Home Study Shorin Ryu Course, these kata are required for Second Degree Black Belt.)

DVD $17.95 OR Digital Download only $15

Matsumura and Tomari Rohai Kata

This studio quality video instructs in both versions of the classic Shorin Ryu Kata  ROHAI "White Crane Standing on a Rock". This is the highest kata in the Matsumura System. In addition to presenting the well known Matsumura Rohai version of the form - this video also details the very rare alternate version that came from Tomari Village.

In addition to presenting both front and reverse angles of the form, each will also be shown in a narration version; wherein each individual movement will be demonstrated and explained in detail.

The video will also demonstrate some of the Bunkai - practical self applications of these very high level kata. 

DVD ONLY $17.95 

Pasai Dai Kata