MAY 10, 11, 12

The camp will cover three days of intensive training in Shorin Ryu, White Crane, and Street Self Defense. Instructors and students from all over the country are encouraged to come visit our headquarters dojo in Port Angeles WA and get a chance to socialize with fellow members and receive intensive training with Kyoshi. 


Friday—May 10th

9 AM – Noon             Students Arrive / Private Lessons

12:30 – 130 PM:      Expandable Baton Seminar (Kyoshi)

2 -3 PM:                     Improvised Weapons (Kyoshi)

3- 5 PM:
                     Individual Kata Review -Camp Instructors

                                    Dinner on your own

Saturday—May 11th

9:30 – 1030:             Yoga Warmup and Meditation (Renshi Kasi)

10:30 – 1130 AM:    White Crane Energy Kata (Kyoshi)

1130 – 1230:            White Crane Fighting Techniques

1230 – 2 PM:            LUNCH (on your own)

2 -4 PM:                     Kusanku Kata (Renshi Greg Poitras)

6 PM - ??                   BBQ and Party in the Evening!

Sunday- May 12th
Camp Review/Testing/ Private Lessons by appointment