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Kyoshi Vellucci

Lawrence Mark Vellucci has 40 years experience in the martial arts. He spent eight years training in the Far East and is currently the President of the Kobukan Karate Federation with the rank of Kyoshi, 7th Degree Black Belt.

He also holds the following ranks: 7th degree Black Belt in Matsumura Shorin - Ryu Karate, 6th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Hakutsuru White Crane Karate, 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo, 1st Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo. Kyoshi Vellucci has a Masters Degree in Ancient and  Classical History and a Masters in Education.

Kyoshi Vellucci has published several books and martial art videos and is a noted seminar speaker. He is a former Marine Officer and has  several years experience in law enforcement and private security.

Kasi Vellucci

Renshi Cassondra Lynn Vellucci has 20 years experience in the martial arts and fitness industry. She is currently the Director of Training and Curriculum of the Kobukan Martial Arts Federation and holds the following ranks: 5th Degree Black Belt (Renshi) in Matsumura Shorin-Ryu karate, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Hakutsuru White Crane, and is a Certified Chen Tai Chi instructor.

She is also a certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She also instructs group fitness and Yoga to diverse populations including Seniors and Cancer survivors. Renshi Kasi is a certified Reiki Master and Life Coach. She has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services Counseling.

Gregory Poitras

Renshi Greg has studied and trained in the martial arts for over 28 years with more than 19 years of teaching martial arts in the Western Pacific, far and Middle East.  He has instructed Military Police in Japan and U.S. Customs Air Interdiction Agents, as a Certified U.S. Customs Defensive Tactics Instructor, in advanced self-defense techniques while performing Southern Border, Central and South American drug interdiction ops.

Renshi Poitras holds the following ranks: 5th Degree Black Belt (Renshi) in Matsumura Shorin Ryu,  6th Degree Black belt (Renshi) in Matsubayashi Ryu,  4th Degree Black Belt in Hakutsuru White Crane.  He is a 25 year retired Navy Veteran who has served as a Combat Air Crewman serving more than 17 years in the Western Pacific and Middle Eastern Theaters of Operation.  He is currently serving as a Commissioned Federal Law Enforcement Officer with U. S. Customs and Border Protection.


Hanshi Darel Chase

Hanshi Darel is a fully ordained Minister, holding ministerial credentials and earned degrees in Theology and Ministry. He is married to Tia Chase, who is the love of his life.

Chase, Kaiso has over 40+ years training and teaching experience in the martial arts. He began his study of martial arts in 1974 in the discipline of Moo Duk Kwan (Tae Kwan Do). He continued his study of martial arts under the leadership and direction of Bill “Whitey” Smith, Hanshi in the disciplines of Aikijujitsu, Ken-jutsu and Karate-Do earning the rank and status of Menkyo Kaiden. Currently, he is studying Matsumura Shorin-ryu under the leadership and direction of Kyoshi Larry Vellucci, holding the rank of Sandan in Kobukan Shorin-ryu Karate and pursuing the study of White Crane Kempo. 

Hanshi Chase is the Headmaster and Kaiso of Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai, a modern system/style/ryu-ha of Budo, which consists of Aiki-jujutsu, Goshin-jutsu, Katate, Jujutsu, Ken-jutsu and Happo-jutsu (Healing Arts – Reiki). Chase, Kaiso is also the Kaicho (President) of the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation. Current Ranks: Aikibujutsu: Menkyo Kaiden, Goshin-jutsu: 10th Dan, Hanshi, Taigawa-ryu Jujutsu: 8th Dan, Karate-Do: 8th Dan, Matumura Shorin-ryu Karate: 3rd Dan.


Sensei Richard has been training in the martial arts since the age of 5. He  currently has 21 years of experience, which includes Shorin Ryu, wrestling, Brazilian  Jujutsu and mixed martial arts.  Rich just opened a full time dojo in Picayune, MS in October 2016. He already has over 30 students and has established a great  reputation in the community.  
Sensei Rich has a 5 year old boy named Dalton, who already has begun his martial arts training. Rich lives with his fiancee, Cady Harris, in Slidell, LA. The wedding is set for Oct 28, 2017.

Brian Reagan

Sensei Reagan has been a student and black belt of Matsumura Shorin-Ryu Karate for 20+ years and holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt. His background includes Aikido, multiple systems of TaeKwonDo, Goju-Ryu, and training in traditional Okinawan Kobudo. A prior service U.S. Marine, law enforcement officer, and firefighter/EMT.

Pastor Brian now serves as a Christian minister in a local church, chairs a variety of charitable organizations, and is on the Mineral Wells City Council.  He has a wife, two adult children, and enjoys time with his dogs.

Jason Williams

Sensei Jason has over 20 years experience in martial arts. Jason holds a 3rd Dan in Matsumura Shorin Ryu, 1st Degree Black Belt in Hakutsuru White Crane,  and a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shudokan Okinawan Karate. Jason has had formal training in San Lok Tae Kwon Do, Combat Hapkido, and Okinawan Kobudo.

Jason owns and instructs Matsumura Shorin Ryu at the Blue Heron Karate Academy in Plains, MT. The dojo sponsored by the hospital where Jason is employed as the Environmental and Engineering services manager. Jason is  an Idaho Army National Guard veteran and an active member of the Sanders  County Montana First Responder community serving as Fire Chief for the         Plains City Volunteer Fire Department.


Ray Pollard began his study of martial arts in 1973 at the age of 21.  He studied in numerous schools on Long Island, in Manhattan, and in Chinatown New York City.  He spent 3 to 4 years each in schools of Kenpo, Aikido, Eagle Claw, Lama, Hsing-I, Pa Kua, and now White Crane.  He also spent more than 15 years actively studying and teaching T'ai Chi, concentrating primarily on Push-Hands practice. Sensei Ray currently holds a 3rd Dan in Okinwan White Crane and his dojo is located in Deer Park, NY.


David Skelton

Sensei David has studied in martial arts since 1993 starting in Kenpo,  and in 2003 he joined a dojo at Shady Grove church that taught Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu. He started helping the dojo with the vision to change the system into what would honor God and was key in naming the system and translating the Japanese into Hebrew. David’s martial arts background Neshamat Elohim is a blended system that is currently only taught to the youth in order to establish that foundation they need. David has been married to his bride Sheila Skelton for 21 years. They have 4 children together, 3 boys, 1 daughter and 2 grand children. Their son Eric currently serves in the Army Reserve, Logan served as an Army Ranger, Taylor who is a cancer survivor and Sydney who teaches with him and is a youth leader at their church. 

Dave holds the following ranks and certifications: 3rd Dan – Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu; Co-Soke - Neshamat Elohim; 2nd Dan – American Street Karate,
6th Dan – Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo; Gokyu – Kodokan Judo; Ordained Minister / Shinja Chaplain Corp; Certified C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Inst. NESTA Certified TACTIX MMA Fitness Instructor; EJJU (European Juijitsu Union)“Spirit & Leadership Award” ; Missions Producer/Editor/Videographer – Life Outreach Int’l


Scott Bendell is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Daoist Medical Qigong Practioner in the state of NJ for the past 17 years and has been studying martial arts for over 26+ years and teaching for the past 17 years. Scott has studied many martial arts over this time but has focused on the internal arts of Hakutsuru (Okinawan White Crane), Daoist Primordial Taijiquan, and Mt. Qingcheng Baguazhang.  He also teaches Meditation, Qigong and Neigong learned from two Grandmasters in order to promote health and healing of mind, body, and spirit. 

Sensei Scott currently holds a 3rd Dan in Hakutusuru, Sifu/teacher levels in Taijiquan and Baguazhang, 1st Dan in Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu, and 1st Dan black belt in TaeKwondo/Hapkido, Mt. Qingcheng Daoist Medical Qigong teacher and Practitioner.

Michael Parker

Sensei Mike has been involved in the study of various martial arts for over ten years. He currently holds the rank of Nidan, 2nd degree black belt in Matsumura Shorin ryu karate, as well as kyu ranks in To Shin Do Ninjutsu. He is a dedicated family man who believes that the study of martial arts can enrich the lives and well being of everyone. He enjoys teaching and living in the Dallas area with his wife and three children.

Christian Bindah

Certified Master instructor Christian Bindah has over 24 years of Martial Arts experience, Holding numerous certifications in the world of Martial Arts.

Master Christian began his training at the age of 11 Training under Chief Instructor George of Asakinion (African Lion-Style Martial Arts),Chief Instructor Jon Hodge Of Shotokan Karate and of Tai Chi Yang Style, Chief Instructor Joe Whittington of Kenpo Karate, and Chief Instructor Richard McDowell of Taekwondo/ Martial Arts University, and Lawrence Mark Vellucci of the Kobukan Karate Federation (for White Crane and Shorin Ryu).

Master Christian Bindah’s accomplishments:

Taekwondo - 9th Degree Black Belt, American Lion Style - 6th Degree Black Belt, Tang Soo Do - 5th Degree Black Belt, 
Combat Kenpo - 5th Degree Black Belt, Goju Ryu - 4th Degree Black Belt, Tai Chi Yang Style - Level 4, White Crane - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Grassiva Self Defense - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Shorin Ryu - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Shotokan -1st Degree Black Belt
Katana-Do - 1st Degree Black Belt, Certified in the following weapons: Tonfa , Nunchaku, Escrima sticks, Certified instructor at:
The Kobukan Karate Federation, The Association of Martial Artists World Wide Board member at: The Association of Martial Artists World Wide 2015 Hall of Fame Master of the year: The Association of Martial Artists World Wide Member of the: Martial Arts Master Association Certified: Personal trainer, Master trainer, sports nutrition and physical Therapy Aide.

Master Christian’s main objective is to strive to not only expand his own knowledge but also to give guidance to those that are truly serious in benefiting themselves Spiritually, Mentally and Physically, Train hard, be patient and always remember Black Belt represents a new beginning.


Sensei Matt Hogan has 30 years of experience training in martial arts starting with Shorin Ryu at the age of 13.   Over the course of his training, he earned rank in a number of different styles including green in Shotokan, 3rd brown in Chinese Kenpo, 1st brown in American Kenpo, and 1st brown in Okinawan Kempo. Matt currently holds the rank of Shodan in Matsumora Orthodox Shorin Ryu and has founded Kobukan Karate Academy to serve the needs of undeserved populations and to continue sharing the physical, spiritual, and mental benefits of learning martial arts within his community.