This is the first complete home study course in Matsumura Shorin Ryu.  In this comprehensive program you can now learn the art and earn authentic rank promotions from White through 1st Degree Black Belt, sanctioned by the Kobukan Karate Federation. 

The Matsumura Shorin Ryu Complete Home Training Course is perfect for beginners who want to learn martial arts for fitness or self defense, as well as experienced practioners in other arts who would like to add to their skills. It provides step by step video instruction as well as personal feedback from our staff.

  • We currently have over 400 home study students world wide!

This DVD course is easy to follow, and provides instruction in narration speed, regular speed, and reverse angle.  Techniques are shown with and without a partner to make the information easily retainable. The is a special course where the requirements for rank are modified to make home study easier. 

Students proceed at their own pace, and send in videos of themselves performing the requirements for each belt test. You may also post your video test to You Tube and email us the link that your test can be reviewed by our Black Belt staff.

We stay in very close contact with our home study students via telephone and email to critique your tests and monitor your progress. Students may also arrange for private instruction.

Students who pass their Black Belt test are also eligible to teach under the Kobukan Federation.


Volume I - Basic Techniques, Kihon Kata 1-6, Fukyu Kata 1 & 2

This video provides great instruction for the beginning student. It teaches 50 basics (stances, blocks, punches, kicks, and strikes) that are the foundation of the art. It also includes 6 simple Kihon (fundamental) Kata, as well as the first two formal kata of the system.

Volume II - Advanced Techniques, Naihanchi Katas 1-3
This video teaches the 50 Advanced Techniques (stances, blocks, punches, kicks, and strikes.) It also provides detailed instruction in the three Naihanchi Kata, including grappling applications and practical self-defense techniques.

Volume III - Matsumura Pinan Katas 1, 2 and 4
This video provides detailed insight into the powerful Pinan Kata as taught in their original forms. It includes many intermediate pressure point, grappling, and throwing applications hidden in these important kata.

Volume IV - Wansu Kata, Ananku Kata
These two kata are present in many Shorin-Ryu systems. The versions presented on this video are taught in the original form as they were brought from Taiwan to Okinawa by Choto Kyan. Many close in fighting applications are also demonstrated.

Volume V -  Practical Self Defense Techniques
This volume covers the 40 combat self-defense techniques derived from the Shorin Ryu Kata. Detailed step by step, both with and without an opponent. This is a vital training video to show how the kata movements are applied in reality self-defense situations.


Yellow Belt Requirements (DVD Volume I)
50 Basic Techniques (Stances, Punches, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks)
Kihon Kata 1-6

Orange Belt Requirements (DVD Volume I)
Fukyu Kata 1 

Purple/White stripe Belt Requirements (DVD Volume I)
50 Advanced Techniques (Stances, Punches, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks) (DVD II)
Fukyu Kata Nidan

Purple Belt Requirements (DVD Volume II)
Naihanchi Kata Shodan

Blue/White stripe Requirements (DVD Volume II)
Naihanchi Kata Nidan

Blue Belt Requirements (DVD Volume II)
Naihanchi Kata Sandan

Green/White stripe Belt Requirements (DVD Volume III)
Pinan Kata Shodan and Nidan

Green Belt Requirements (DVD Volume III)
Pinan KataYondan

Brown Belt/White Stripe Requirements (DVD Volume IV)

Brown Belt Requirements (DVD Volume IV)
Ananku Kata

Black Belt Requirements (DVD Volume V)
40 Complete Self –Defense Techniques

The course includes a student information handout, defense technique written guide, and full membership into the Kobukan Karate Federation (including membership patch and ID card). Belt testing is optional and testing fees are not included in the price of the course.
If ordered separately, the above materials included in this course would cost over $200.  Through this special offer, the entire package is only $99 for DVD set and  $79.95 for Instant Download.